Insurance – for Tenants

We would like to suggest a variety of insurance policies for tenants, including the following –


Up to the selected sum, insured for damage to any of your household furniture, equipment, furnishings, clothing and personal possessions, while you reside in your new home (this does not include business equipment).

Landlord’s Contents

For any accidental damage that may happen to your landlord’s possessions, for any fixtures and fittings for which you are to be held responsible.

Personal Possessions

Up to your selected sum insured for any loss or accidental damage to your personal properties like jewellery, spectacles, clothing, watches, any other valuables (this does not include mobile telephones) and pedal cycles while you are away from your home anywhere in the United Kingdom, or whilst temporarily elsewhere in the world. Theft from unattended vehicles must be from a locked boot.

If you are interested in any further details, please contact us.